A Better Legislature

Better for Minnesota Education

A Minnesota education is one of the best, and we’re proud of that.

But our public schools are in trouble, and it’s because conservatives keep underfunding them. As a result of underfunding, schools might have to make serious budget cuts. That could mean cuts to classroom programs, teacher layoffs, and larger class sizes.

Minnesota kids deserve better, and progressives know that. That’s why they’re fighting to make sure that every child in Minnesota can get a quality education, regardless of where they live.

See how they voted on education:

Investing in Minnesota's public schools

Progressives worked to make sure that every student in Minnesota can get a high-quality education by voting to invest in Minnesota’s public schools. While progressives invested in education, conservatives voted to underfund Minnesota schools and shortchange students.

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Protecting education for Minnesota's youngest learners

Conservatives tried to cut funding for pre-kindergarten education programs in Minnesota, which would shortchange thousands of kids. But progressives didn’t let them get away with it. Thankfully, progressives voted to protect access to pre-kindergarten classes for 4,000 Minnesota kids.

See how individual legislators voted below.

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