Minnesota Republicans Want to Ban Abortion – Amy’s Story


Amy is a Minnesota mother and grandmother, but she couldn’t have conceived without access to fertility treatment. That’s why she was devastated when she learned that Minnesota Republicans voted against protecting access to fertility treatments and want to ban abortion care in Minnesota.

As president, Donald Trump overturned Roe v. Wade, which eliminated Americans’ constitutional right to abortion, established over 50 years ago, and opened the door for Republicans in states across the country to ban and criminalize access to abortion care.

Since then, fourteen states have enacted near-total or total abortion bans, including Minnesota’s neighbors in North Dakota and South Dakota.

Minnesota Democrats fought to protect abortion rights and are working to expand access to reproductive health care.

But if Minnesota Republicans get their way, Minnesota will be the next state to ban abortion.

Even though the majority of Minnesotans want to keep abortion safe and legal, Minnesota Republicans voted against a 2023 law protecting and expanding access to abortion care.

In fact, between 2005 and 2022, Minnesota Republicans tried and failed to ban abortion 32 times.

And during the 2023-2024 Minnesota legislative session, Minnesota Republicans introduced one abortion ban and five abortion restriction bills that were blocked by Minnesota Democrats.

To build a better Minnesota for everyone, we need to build a better Minnesota Legislature by electing Democrats who will fight to protect abortion rights and defeating Republicans who want to take away our freedoms.

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