A Better Legislature

A Better Coronavirus Pandemic Response

Since the coronavirus crisis began, progressives in the Minnesota Legislature have had a better coronavirus pandemic response.

Progressives listened to the scientists and experts. And they stood with Governor Tim Walz, even when many conservatives criticized public health measures and wanted to put more people in harm’s way.

And the progressive plan to get Minnesota moving invests more in public schools, makes health care more affordable for all Minnesotans, and provides more economic security for businesses and working people.

Protecting Minnesotans’ Health

The coronavirus pandemic has shown how important it is for every Minnesotan to have quality and affordable health care. Thankfully, progressives in the legislature voted to lock in protections for those with pre-existing conditions. And they worked to make the cost of health care and prescription drugs more affordable.

Meanwhile, conservatives have denied the severity of the coronavirus pandemic and rushed to open businesses in an unsafe manner, putting Minnesotans’ health at risk.

Supporting Small Businesses

Progressives believe small businesses and their workers are what drives Minnesota’s economy. Small businesses are critical to restarting the economy after the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why progressives will fight to ensure that relief funding gets to small businesses, and not just big corporations. And they’ll work to make sure that state contracts go to Minnesota small businesses.

Protecting Minnesotans’ right to vote safely

Minnesota is well-known for leading the nation in voter turnout. And Minnesotans are already eager to vote this year, but the coronavirus pandemic poses a big challenge.

Forcing Minnesotans to show up to crowded polling places would threaten the progress Minnesota has made towards slowing the spread of the virus.

Progressives believe that no Minnesotan should not have to choose between exercising their right to vote and protecting their health. That’s why progressives in the legislature worked to expand mail-in voting options to make sure no one has to choose between their health or their right to vote.

Meanwhile, conservatives have blocked efforts to expand vote by mail and make Minnesota’s elections safer.

Investing in What Matters to Minnesotans

Because of the economic slowdown during the coronavirus pandemic, Minnesota will face a large budget gap.

Progressives are committed to protecting and investing in programs that benefit Minnesota families. They’ll also work to make sure that the wealthy and big businesses pitch in and pay their fair share. And they’ll strongly oppose conservative efforts to use the pandemic as an excuse to cut funding from Minnesota’s schools and weaken Minnesota’s health care system.


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